investor rescue logo investigators spotted a potential fraud taking place on a web forum and contacted the Swiss based Financial Institute to warn them of their findings only to find that $2m had already been sent to the fraudsters in a complex offshore transaction involving false instruments such as Bank Gurantees.


We were able to identify the fraudsters and locate the ringleaders who were briefly detained in Albania but freed on a technicality prior to our visit to interview them. With memebers of this highly organised crime gang in Egypt and a physical base in the UK, we outlined the full nature of the fraud to the institution who then engaged us to work on two more similar 'deals'.


In both cases we carried out detailed 'backdoor' analysis of international email correspondance and mounted structured due diligence steps. These showed that both transactions were being controlled by organised crime gangs, the first of which was based in China and the second in Salt Lake City, USA.


We showed that, statistically, more than 90% of this market were operating illegally and were able to persuade the institute to pull out of this market with immediate effect. If you need help with unusual fraud investigations or feel that you may need specialist support with a transaction on due diligence aspects, please get in touch:






Financial Instrument Fraud - Switzerland

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