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The most expensive aspects of working in the investment fraud, miss-selling and recovery arenas is the cost of legal redress through the courts. We believe that it is in everyone’s interests to avoid expensive and frivolous litigation and have therefore looked at how we might best serve our Investor Rescue clients.


One important option is access to Investor Mediation services and alternate dispute resolution capabilities. The aim here is to seek settlement away from the courts in such a way that Investors receive an appropriate level of compensation but the Investment Management company or proposer remains free to operate without too much detriment and can learn lessons from investors along the way. Our alternate dispute resolution and mediation services range from simple telephone conferencing bookings to full day or multiple day tribunal facilities at our Wiltshire Headquarters.


We can access a wide range of suitably qualified mediators and panelists, often at short notice, enabling all sides to benefit from rapid deployment of specialist resources, resulting in shorter disputes and significant cost benefits to litigation.


If you have been involved in ongoing disputes for some time and need to reconsider your options, please get in touch for a free appraisal.






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