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Where an Action Group is established it is not unusual to meet with defensive tactics from the investment proposer and / or their legal team. Occasionally, the need arises to take matters away from the investment proposer and set up a new interim management for investors. The ‘Investor Management’ team will step in to create a new management

framework. Often this requires a vote by members in the region of 70% to 75% to effect change. Investor Management will then take investors out of failing schemes and provide a wide range of quality Interim management solutions to rescue business assets and provide a platform for growth and stability into the future.


We work closely with a leading UK Executive Recruitment specialist capable of finding the most appropriate interim management team for the investment sector concerned. We utilise our in-house Business Intelligence specialists to identify new opportunities and deliver rapid investment turnaround.


To a large extent Investor Managment takes on the advisory role previously held within the scheme promoters and acting as main point of contact for investors.


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