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The Keydata case has been baffling investigators for several years both in the UK and in Luxembourg.


As an added intrigue, one of the main participants has died in mysterious circumstances prompting conspiracy theories that he staged a 'Reggie Perrin' style disappearance.


The truth is that Investors have bought into something which was not what it seemed. There are numerous allegations flying around and huge problems in determining what has happened to the asset base.


We have a dedicated in-house 'Intelligence' section with years of experience in both covert and overt operations as well as the deployment of Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Live informants). We also have complex financial investigators with unrivalled knowledge of offshore banking and fraud scenarios who are capable of unravelling the transactions and identifying the risks as well as any remaining assets.


Finally we have a specialist forensics unit featuring crime scenes and IT capabilities who are able to analyse all kinds of materials and components to obtain additional intelligence. We seek to work as 'advocates' of investor groups working directly with other stakeholders such as Law Enforcement Agencies to pool and share multi-agency intelligence. We will then analyse this and develop strategies over and above what traditional audit specialists and law enforcement can achieve. are now activiely seeking deployment onto the keydata case offering a bespoke multi-agency intelligence solution to the problem, acting as advocates for investors with third parties and developing strategies to track and trace any available assets.


If you have been affected by Keydata issues or any of the associated entities (SLS Capital, Hometrak or Lifemark) please get in touch to discuss the options available to you.







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