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In light of Judge Bishopp's decision in the Tax Tribuna; (May 2014) Investor Rescue is now in the process of setting up an Action Group to support victims of the Icebreaker Management Ltd Partnerships.


Our intent is to create a website to provide a common platform for investors to access information, share views and take part in a co-ordinated strategy to maximise returns on investments, both as individual investors and as Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs).


Through our partner company - Doppler Intelligence Agencies Ltd - we have been supporting individual investors and some partnerships throughout the last three years and have built up a considerable amount of strategic Intelligence, information and detail on Modus Operandi, partnership management and investor relations.


The issues vary from individual to individual and from LLP to LLP however there are some common themes which run throughout which give rise to severe concerns about the way investor funds and interests have been handled. We believe that the time has come to seek out alternate strategies and to ensure any damage is limited.


Investor Rescue is now considering a range of solutions designed to act on that intelligence and provide the best possible outcomes for investors affected by the Tax Tribunal's negative decision. These include:


1.   A final appeal to the Tax Tribunal aiming to reverse the decision based on hard facts relating to the individual investors as opposed to the 'protective' stance taken by Icebreaker's legal team in defending the 'scheme'. We believe there is a case that shows how investors met the requirements of the Tax Break and that we can pursuade a Judge of that in any appeal;


2.   Assisting participants with Tax Office communications and achieving best outcomes on an individual basis.


3.   Assisting LLPs with an exit strategy from the control of Icebreaker Management Ltd and through to wind up of the LLP, where appropriate.


4.   Developing a Class Action Lawsuit against any and all 'participants' who contributed to the failed Tax Break application, the failed Tax Tribunal strategies and also in relation to the widespread perception of commercial failure amongst some of the LLPs themselves. Costs to investors have been high and we aim to redress this situation.


In anticipation of the 'negative' decision by Judge Bishopp, Investor-Rescue has been assembling a team of experts to manage all aspects of delivery in terms of finding strategic solutions that will benefit ALL investors.


If you are affected by this decision, in any way, either as Investor or IFA, please feel free to contact us on 01249 700168 (24 hour message service) or direct to my mobile during office hours on 07854 571174.


Stuart Cotton

Icebreaker Partnerships - Investor Action Group

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