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Investor Rescue's investigation team have been working in the background for over five years now on a wide range of issues surrounding Icebreaker Management and investor's claims to tax relief.


Articles published by the 'Times' in the UK made life even more difficult for investors and may also have contributed to the decision (May 2014) of Judge Bishopp to find in favour of HMRC at the Tax Tribunal. Despite this, we believe that our extensive knowledge of Icebreaker (gleaned from almost 100 interviews with indiviudaul investors) provides us with the capabilities required to secure the most advantageous outcomes for Icebreaker clients in the longer term. Whilst Icebreaker believe there are grounds to appeal that decision we feel a completely different strategy and fresh approach is now  required and we are assisting several Partnerships in attempts to settle liabilities and move forwards on a commercial basis.


In addition to tax issues, our experts have delved deeply into Icebreaker affairs to uncover wide ranging problems affecting many LLP partnerships. Common themes include:


Poor investment performance;

Potential breaches of trust;

Possible conflicts of Interest;

Promised licences not being secured prior to investment

Poor management.


Investor-Rescue.Org has received details of previous LLP sales and is looking into providing support to other LLP's throughout any forthcoming sale process. This could include help with valuations, negotiations and identifying possible alternatives to the in-house proposal. If your LLP is to be sold in 2014, or early 2015, please get in touch  for more details.


We continue to represent a wide range of clients across many partnerships performing a variety of functions for investors on a bespoke basis. Each new client extends our knowledge still further and we are keen to here from all investors about their individual experiences. Please check the Icebreaker page above or;


If you wish to get in touch with regards to your Icebreaker investment please go to our contact page:






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