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Investor-Rescue.Org has been investigating Aggressively Marketed Tax Avoidance cases for over 4 years and now has a range of disruptive tactics designed to assist victims in settling with HMRC and wrestling control of their investments from the scheme providers.


The footballers featured in this small aspect of our overall investigation have lost in the region of £100m and we are working closely with many of them with a view to reducing tax liabilities, litigating wherever possible, preventing Bankruptcy and calculating the quantum of losses, across a wide range of investment products.


We approached the Sunday Times in an attempt to change hearts and minds after discovering the reality of the situation was far removed from what had been reported before. It became clear to us that footballers were victims of a very serious breach of trust and, in the most extreme cases, identity fraud. The extent of the problem is huge and we are just scratching the surface with this initial part of the story.


The Investor-Rescue.Org team are keen to talk to anyone affected by the story or by similar issues.


Our Head Office is on call 24 hours a day over the next few weeks with the answer machine diverting to senior staff. If you wish to speak to someone about your case, in strictest confidence, please give us a call (leaving an initial message) or email. We will happily supply references from a number of footballers that we are supporting.


If you have intelligence or information about related issues and would like to share it, we would also like to hear from you and can promise anonymity, with experienced informant handlers available.


The story will continue to unfold over the next few weeks and this site will be updated each week with further details.





Footballer cases - as featured in the Sunday Times

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