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Investor Action is highly pro-active in the formation of protective ‘Action Groups’ on behalf of groups of disgruntled investors. Our Complex Financial Investigators seek to quantify the extent, nature and size of difficulties faced, then tackle the promoters of investment schemes providing a uniform investor voice and supporting direct action against scheme managers in a co-ordinated manner with a strong mandate from individual investors working in partnership. Our role is to identify strategies which maximise returns to investors.


Increasingly we are being deployed into the Tax Tribunal arena, helping clients to prepare evidence and developing strategies to maximise settlements either through tribunal itself or via negotiations. Recent negative press articles appear to have provided a bias in favour of HMRC but we believe we can identify intelligence based solutions in order to bring the balance back towards the investor.


We are currently assisting investors, or their independent financial advisors, with a wide range of issues including:


Icebreaker, Future Capital and other LLP  Partnerships connected with investments in Film, Music production, publishing and e-commerce;

Connaught Asset Management;







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