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We bring together a wide range of industry experts who are dedicated to helping investors in times of crisis. Whatever the circumstances, we can put together a dedicated team to work with you and any co-investors in plotting a path through the problems. We help you to fully understand the nature of the crisis, the causes of it and the quantum of risk, we then set out to protect your investments through asset track and trace measures or, where needed, appointing a new management team. In addition we can provide an advocacy service working with law enforcement agencies, in numerous jurisdictions, to ensure your interests are protected in any civil or criminal recovery actions.


The aim of this website is to allow investors in crisis to share information on key issues affecting them, to expose mismanagement of funds, fraud or corruption and to provide access to a wide range of solutions under one umbrella organisation. We envisage that investors in crisis may need one or all of these functions in tackling problems surrounding their investments and we have set about bringing all of these requirements under one roof with a single point of reference for those affected. We cannot cover everything on one site, we have such wide and varied capabilities from investigation to asset tracing, business turnaround and interim management, forensics to negotiation and much more besides. We are experts in our field and happy to arrange an initial call or Skype to discuss your needs. - 'reuniting investors with their funds'







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